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The word Estidama means ‘sustainability’ in Arabic. Conceived to support the realization of Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, Estidama is initiated under the direction of Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) in collaboration with a number of government agencies who share the vision to transform Abu Dhabi into the sustainable Arab capital. Key to this plan is the ESTIDAMA Pearl Green Rating Systems. The Estidama Pearl Rating Systems provides design guidelines and detailed requirements for rating a project’s potential performance in relation to the four pillars of ESTIDAMA: Environmental, Economic, Social and Cultural. Estidama Consultancy & Design

  • Estidama PBRS (Pearl Building Rating System).
  • Estidama PCRS (Pearl Community Rating System). 
  • Estidama PVRS (Pearl Villa Rating System). 
  • Estidama Project Management & Planning
  • Estidama Documentation Review.