With the advent of a number of high profile litigation cases in recent years, the importance of flushing and water treatment has never been higher. Building operators and users are increasingly aware of the danger posed by waterborne bacteria such as legionella, coliform,… etc. checking & disinfection of the water supply system is regularly required, this can often be only one aspect of water treatment and maintenance of water system, which are needed within a building.

Temporary circulating pumps together with a variable circulating regime can also be provided to give additional protection of large systems that may sit stagnant for months between pressure testing and flushing / chemical cleaning.

The addition of a Biocide Wash to the cleaning operation gives further confidence that at hand over systems will be clear of biological contamination.

T&C Technology LLC is able to offer the back up of comprehensive services, which can cater for all requirements.

A comprehensive list of our Flushing & Water Treatment Services is as follows:

  • Water treatment and Hygiene programs.
  • Bacteriological Sampling.
  • Chlorination / Bromination / Disinfection.
  • Mineral Assays.
  • Cooling towers cleaning.
  • System Flushing.
  • Pre-Commission Cleans.