About Us


T&C technology was established in 2008 by Soubhi Chawaf who has been involved in this field since 2000 in UK “United Kingdom”.

Since its establishment T&C technology aimed to provide a highly experienced, sensibly priced, professional and practical service to the building services industry.

T&C technology believes that commissioning is a fundamental element in the design, construction and maintenance process. Therefore, although we are pleased to tender for any element of the total process, we feel our experience and expertise is most efficiently used if we provide a total commissioning service from design evaluation to project handover and beyond.

The level of experience and technical knowledge of our directors, managers, and senior commissioning engineers coupled with our systematic approach enable us to efficiently, effectively and economically identify and correct design, installation and commissioning problems and thus reduce the expensive corrective work frequently required during the last weeks of a contract or during the defects liability period.

The director of T&C technology has executive project responsibilities for all running projects. Every project, no matter how small, has a project manager responsible to provide basic management, technical and financial control.

T&C technology has produced a set of test sheets to meet all standard testing requirements to suite the industry as per international codes of standard. However, T&C technology understands that certain projects may have special requirements that may not be adequately covered by standard documentation. In these cases T&C technology is able to produce tailored test sheets to conform for any special contract or technical requirements.

It is a firm commitment of T&C technology that our staff are continually assessed and trained, not only in the technical, but also in the management aspects of commissioning.

In the view of applying the Liability and Credibility principles in the Testing & Commissioning, T&C technology is a Testing & Commissioning Third Party Independent Specialist Company , as per the followings:

  • As a Third Party : T&C technology is a UAE Commercially Authorized company. (This establishes a legal requirement for the company)
  • As a Specialist: T&C technology is a Certified Corporate member & Accredited by CSA (Commissioning Specialist Association – UK), Which is Globally Qualified Through High Standards.

T&C technology is also a member of BSRIA and firmly backs its policy of ongoing training and grading of all staff.